Flanged Y branch 14ga 60 Degree

Flanged Y branch 14ga 60 Degree

14 Gauge Y-Branches (sometimes called “true wyes”) have leak-free, solid welded seams. Elimination of air leakage makes a dust collection system more efficient, providing savings on energy costs.

Y-Branches in 14 gauge galvanized steel with flanged ends are available in diameters from 10" to 40″.

Standard 60º Optional 90º.

When ordering, specify A, B, C . All branches are priced by the large end A.

Both B & D each must be at least 50% of A. With B or D being at least 80% of the opposite leg.

Leg length = 1/2 greater of B or D.
Use the following formula to determine overall length: L = A + 4”.

If flanged, vanstone end with rotational Angle Flanges is standard. If welded flanges required, clocking must be specified.

• Available in Galvanized (as shown below)
• Available with QF ends in diameters up to 24", and other various end types
• Available with 90° angle
• Optional gauges 22, 20, 18, 16, 12 and 10

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